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Nowadays, it’s very common to have to get fingerprinted. And no, it isn’t something that you HAVE to do, it isn’t a mandatory requirement for every People to get fingerprinted. However, in much of every-day life, it will most likely be part of some requirement sooner or later.

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Why specifically? Well, the whole reason behind getting fingerprinted is in ascertaining that you do not have a criminal record, or if you do, what is on it. The entire system of fingerprinting comes into being from the fact that all individuals who have been charged or convicted of a crime under the Canadian Criminal Code will be fingerprinted, and all fingerprints are submitted to the RCMP Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services.

For those who are wondering why it is fingerprinted that is collected and not just photographs or something else, it is easier to change one’s outer appearance than it is to change fingerprints. Each and every individual had a unique set of fingerprints that no one else in the world has. So while one may change their hair colour, wear coloured contacts, or go to extremes of getting cosmetic surgery done to alter appearances, fingerprints will forever be the same. So if someone had been fingerprinted a decade ago for a crime (and has not been pardoned or had their record suspended), that set of prints from ten years ago will still match their fingerprints today.

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