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Working with a photography agency will help you in having an assurance of availability of photographers for last minute scheduled assignments. Whether it is a corporate event shoot or an multi-site photography assignment; every photograph is important and so is every situation. 

There are many companies such as Ellev Advertising Agency that provide you with excellent product photography services. The following tips will guide you in deciding the company whom you will be assigning your photography project.

Track record, experience and reputation

Carefully evaluate the track record and experience of the service provider. Have they successfully completed projects that are similar to your project? For example, if your project involves photographing thousands of products varying in sizes and shapes at your distribution center, look for a photography service provider that can demonstrate the proven onsite solution. A great track record of completing complex high-volume projects is important to consider. 


Price is important – everyone has budget constraints they need to work within. You will be quoted either by the product or by the image. If you plan your project well in advance you will know exactly how many products need images, which image views each product category needs, and the total number of images you require.

Carefully review the quotes to understand what services are being provided – photography, image editing, image formatting etc. – and what costs you are responsible for e.g. the customer pays for the photographer assistant. Price matters, but so does experience, track record and reputation. Consider all quotes; the cheapest often includes the fewest services and comes from the provider with the least experience.

Professional project management

A typical product photography project involves many elements including:

  • Photographers, assistants, product managers, warehouse staff, image editors, and managers
  • Studios and photography equipment
  • Ordering, delivering, prepping, and photographing products
  • Editing, and formatting images
  • Project monitoring

Without capable and experienced project management, product photography projects can go off the rails fast. When this happens, production and image quality suffers and costs increase.

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